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Rumfustian Featured

A friend of mine read an old book that mentioned a drink called Rumfustin in 'less flattering' terms. Very much so... He got curious about it and suggested we try to make it. It is a drink from Eastern USA from the late 17th century as I understand it. So after a nice dinner at a restaurant we were three couples that gathered at my home to try to make and taste this drink. We found two similar recipes with the main difference being if 6 or 12 eggs should be used. We went with 9.



This is the singular name bestowed upon a drink very much in vogue with English sportsmen, after their return from a day's shooting, and is concocted thus:
12 egg
1 quart ale (strong beer)
1 pint gin (Jenever)
1 bottle sherry wine
1 cinnamon
nutmeg grated
12 loaf sugar lumps
1 lemon

The yolks of a dozen eggs are well whisked up, and put into a quart of strong beer; to this is added a pint of gin; a bottle of sherry is put into a saucepan, with a stick of cinnamon, a nutmeg grated, a dozen large lumps of sugar, and the rind of a lemon peeled very thin; when the wine boils, it is poured upon the gin and beer, and the whole drunk hot.

Rum Fustian

Yield: Makes about 8 drinks. If there is a problem with eggs in your region, do not prepare this recipe.



6 egg yolks

1 quart beer or ale

1 pint gin

1 pint medium dry sherry

1 stick cinnamon

Dash nutmeg

Twist lemon peel



Beat the egg yolks until lemony and frothy. Beat in the beer; beat in the gin. Put the sherry in a saucepan with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon peel and heat just to the boiling point. Remove the cinnamon. Beat the hot wine into the egg mixture, and serve at once, while it is still warm, in heated 8-ounce mugs.


The making of it went relatively painlessly and it was divided into six glasses. Then we came to the tasting... Out of six persons I was the only one that finished mine. It took all the stubborness I possess to achieve that. The gin and sherry makes the aftertaste absolutely vile. If it was made with rum or brandy and port wine instead it would probably be a lot more pleasant to drink but I guess it would not be a Rumfustian anymore either. One theory that one of my friends came up with was that at the time their ingredients were in such a lousy condition that this was one way of making use of it. Maybe the beer was stale and bad etc etc... For me, I would say that each component we used was better than the end result. To make it more authentic we should have used Genever I presume but I was out of it so we used Beefeater Gin instead.


As a final word I would recommend this for a once in a lifetime experience since there will definitely not be a second attempt...




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