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I went to the state owned alcohol monopoly store Wednesday this week. They had a Grappa tasting. I have had very little Grappa before. I have one not very exclusive bottle of it at home and that is about it. Wednesday evening gave me the opportunity to try another 5 varieties of it. One was unaged and the remaining four aged for various length of time. It was very interesting. In the end I preferred either the one that had been aged for around 10 years or the unaged one. The one that was extensively barrel aged was so very different from the others that it was like a whole different kind of drink. First it was a bit too sweet for me despite being the strongest one in alcohol. It quickly won me over but it is a bit outside my budget. At current dollar rate it costs around 160 dollars per bottle here. The other four was much closer in taste profile with not enough separating them that I would probably go for the 50 dollar unaged Grappa instead of spending  80-90 dollars on something not all that different. The Grappa was handpicked by the persons hosting the event though and going for the bottom shelf while buying Grappa might be a bad mistake. 


I had a great evening and have found a new appreciation for Grappa. It is not my new favourite drink but I can see myself getting a few more bottles of it.

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