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Cascade Premium Light - Australia

Cascade Premium Light - Australia

Cascade Brewery
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Cascade Brewery
Location:     Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Owner(s)     Foster's Group
Year opened     1832
Annual production     36 million litres

Active beers
Name                    Type
Cascade Premium Lager     Lager
Cascade Premium Light     Low-alcohol Lager
Cascade Pale Ale             Lager
Cascade Blonde                     Lager
Cascade Amber     Ale
Cascade Draught             Lager
Cascade Lager (Blue)             Lager
Cascade Bitter (Red)             Bitter Lager
Cascade Stout                     Stout
Seasonal beers

Name                   Type
Cascade First Harvest     Special Ale

Cascade Brewery is the oldest continually operating brewery in Australia. It is based in South Hobart, Tasmania. The Cascade estate (originally a saw milling operation) was founded beside the clean water of the Hobart Rivulet in 1824 by Peter Degraves, an entrepreneur who emigrated from England. In 1826 charges were laid against Degraves for debt and he was taken into custody until 1831. In 1832 Peter Degraves built a Brewery on his property. It is now owned by Foster's Group. Cascade produces a range of beers, homebrew, apple cider ('Mercury Cider' brand) and non-alcoholic beverages including apple juice, blackcurrant syrup & carbonated beverages.

The image adopted for its label in 1987, H. C. Richter's nineteenth century illustration of the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus), is from Gould's The Mammals of Australia.

Cascade is unique among Australian breweries and rare among breweries worldwide in that it operates it own maltings, producing malt for its mainstream beers (including Premium Lager & Pale Ale) from locally grown barley. Specialty malts for dark beers and the seasonal range are imported from mainland Australia and from overseas. The Cascade name is also given to the sporting event 'The Cascade Cup'.

Premium Range
    * Cascade Premium Lager is an Australian-style lager, hopped with "Hersbrucker" to give the beer a distinct spicy flavour. Alcohol Content: 5.0%
    * Cascade Premium Light is a low-alcohol lager, which is currently the biggest selling light beer in Australia. Alcohol Content: 2.6%[3]

Degrave's Collection:
    * Cascade Pale Ale, also known as "green" or simply "Pale", is in fact an Australian-style lager, not an ale. The Pale Ale name has been used since the brewery was established and was originally an ale style beer. The Pale Ale has an excellent balance of the famous "Pride of Ringwood" Hop and Pale Malt giving the beer a fruity mid palette and spicy end palette. Alcohol Content: 5.0%
    * Cascade Stout is a stout beer, commonly enjoyed by an older audience. The Cascade Stout is brewed with a blend of different malts and grains including roasted barley which gives the brew chocolate and coffee overtones. Alcohol Content: 5.8%
    * Cascade Blonde is a premium lager beer brewed with a blend of barley and wheat malts, then hopped using the "Cascade" Hop to give a light bitterness. The wheat malt in this brew gives the beer a citrus like mid palette. Alcohol Content: 4.8%
    * Cascade Amber is an amber ale brewed with a blend of three malts including the Cara-Malt which gives this brew toffee like flavours and its rich amber colour. Alcohol Content: 4.8%

This range was launched in September 2005, it consists of existing products with more focussed marketing and labelling.

Tasmanian Range
    * Cascade Draught is a traditional full strength lager. It is Tasmania's best selling beer. In Tasmania it is the most commonly found Cascade product on tap (draught). Alcohol Content: 4.7%
    * Cascade Lager, also known as "blue", is a traditional full strength lager. Although it is not as widely available as the other varieties, it has a cult following, particularly amongst uni students. Alcohol Content: 4.8%
    * Cascade Bitter, also known as "red", is a bitter lager. Alcohol Content: 4.8%
    * Cascade Export Stout, is similar to the stout featured in the Degrave's Collection however is brewed with a shorter maturation time and has a slightly stronger flavour. The beer is only brewed in a very small volume. Alcohol Content: 5.8%

These beers are only available in Tasmania.

Seasonal & limited edition beers:
Cascade has also produced an annual premium beer since 2002, "First Harvest", which has an extremely limited production. "First Harvest" refers to the first yield of Tasmanian hops, in which the actual unkilned hops flowers are used for the brew. First Harvest which is brewed to a different recipe every year, is brewed as an ale.

From 2003 until the launch of Degrave's collection Cascade produced a range of seasonal beers:
    * Cascade Summer Blonde now Cascade Blonde.
    * Cascade Autumn Amber now Cascade Amber.
    * Cascade Winter Warmer a dark wheat beer. Winter Warmer was available as a seasonal beer in Tasmania for at least 10 years, but only on tap at selected pubs.
    * Cascade Spring Fest a Bavarian helles style lager.

Homebrew range
    * Spicy Ghost Draught
    * Golden Harvest Lager
    * Imperial Voyage Pale Ale
    * Chocolate Mahogany Porter

Non-alcohol beverages
    * Ultra-C Blackcurrant Syrup is a fruit juice syrup made from Tasmanian grown blackcurrants.
    * Apple Isle Sparkling Apple Juice is a lightly carbonated clear Apple Juice made from Tasmanian grown apples. It is the largest selling brand in the sparkling apple juice category in Australia.
    * Cascade Real Range is a range of 100% fruit juices including Apple Juice, Apple & Blackcurrant, Apple & Raspberry, Australian Orange Juice and other variants.
    * Cascade Ginger Beer is a naturally brewed Ginger Beer.

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Re: Cascade Premium Light - Australia

Another "light beer" that is too watery for my taste. it's unusual in that it actually has a bit of afertaste to it. Good for a light beer but not my thing. When I checked the beer for entering the facts about the brewery I found out that the alcohol was only about 2,6%. That makes this beer a very decent low alcohol beer to drink if you have things to do and don't want to be drunk or under the influence.

I rate it at 2/5.

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