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Ron Cortez Oro - Panama

Ron Cortez Oro - Panama

Ron Cortez Gold
The Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortez, whom we honor with this product, was the first glimpse of the strategic importance of the Isthmus of Panama, communicating in 1524 to Charles V, King of Spain, the value would be the union of the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea South, this was achieved almost 400 years after the construction of the Panama Canal. Since then, Panama has been a place of transit, trade, and mixing of races and cultures.

Ron Cortez Gold is a golden rum, very well balanced. Its exquisite aroma and delicate flavor mix very well in all types of cocktails.

The history of Varela Hermanos SA, dates back to 1908 when Don José Varela Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, founded on the Ingenio San Isidro Pesé first sugar mill in the newly formed Republic of Panama.

The people of Pese, established in the mid eighteenth century, is in a fertile valley in central Panama, where the main activity of its population of about 10.000 inhabitants is the cultivation of sugarcane.

In 1936, acceding to the wishes of his three eldest sons, Jose Manuel, Pliny and Julio, Don José began the distillation of sugar cane juice for the production of liqueurs, and differs from the principle products of extraordinary quality.

Since then, Varela Hermanos SA has maintained leadership in the liquor industry in Panama, and now produces about one million cases annually, which represents 90% of the national liquor market. Working in the company 700 permanent workers, with functions ranging from cutting the cane to the promotion and sale of finished products.

Today, nearly a century after Don José began operating in Pesé, third generation and in the same family tradition, heads Varela Hermanos SA, the leading spirits industry in Panama. With a strong manufacturing infrastructure, and the passion and dedication of all staff working in the company, prepare for a greater presence in the international market as exporters of fine liquors and rums.

Liquor Production
The production processes of Varela Hermanos SA starts with the distillation of alcohol from sugarcane juice and molasses rum. Every year during the summer months (January to May), the workforce of the company in Pesé, comprising more than 200 permanent employees and 300 employees of the harvest, are preparing to cut more than 50,000 tons of cane about 800 hectares of cultivated land owned by the company.

During the rainy season, the cane grows, and as summer arrives the cane is cut and taken to the Don Jose in Pesé Distillery, which will be weighed and then crushed to extract its juice. Thereafter, the cane juice is fermented and distilled into a set of 4 columns, resulting in an extra neutral alcohol, used exclusively in the manufacture of Herrerano Seco, Panama's leading product and recognized as the national drink.

During the rainy season, continue the distillation of alcohol and rum, based on sugar cane molasses. This alcohol and rum is used in the manufacture of other products of the company and particularly in the preparation of rums Grandpa and Cortez for the local market and export.

The company has two bottling plants, one in Pese, Herrera province, where mostly dry packaged Herrerano and another in the capital city, provinciade Panama, where domestic brands are packaged as Ron Abuelo, Ron Cortez, Gin Caballito others.

Throughout the manufacturing process of rums from the yeast fermentation raised in the laboratories of the company, to aging in small white oak barrels, has achieved the best balance of technology and a rich tradition that is products of unparalleled quality.

Source: Official website

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Re: Ron Cortez Oro - Panama

Colour: Light yellow

Smell: Sweet, nothing that leaves an impression of anything specific

Taste: Sweet, ripe fruits or raisins. Initially some alcoholic bite but it disappeared after being aired for a while. Very slight bite in the aftertaste.

I rate this rum at 3/5 on a scale where 5 is best.

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