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Domenis Sogno di Dama Riserva - Italy

Domenis Sogno di Dama Riserva - Italy

Distilleria Domenis is situated in Cividale del Friuli in the heart of a territory renowned throughout the world for the richness and excellence of its grapes as well as its intense wine-making tradition. The company, dating from 1898, owes its success to the pursuit of strong traditional values passed down through the four generations of the Domenis family who have managed the business to the present day. Excellence is the ongoing objective of the Distilleria Domenis production cycle which starts with a painstaking, meticulous selection of raw materials. The processing method, therefore, is the nucleus and secret for the quality of the distillates.

The company boasts a batch distillation plant made entirely of copper, with 8 direct vapour stills, utilising 3,000 - 5,000 tons of raw material from which roughly 500,000 bottles of high quality grappas and fruit brandies are produced every year, for the high and top-end market segments. Since 1998 the company has also produced organic certified spirits, which comply with European legislation. All Domenis grappas are made in a traditional pot still derived from the low-pressure, direct-heat “Comboni” still, using exactly the same standards and methods of distillation as were employed a century ago by founder and master distiller Pietro Domenis. Today, those criteria have been transferred to the stills currently operating, constructed on-site and supervised by master distillers Pietro and Emilio Domenis (respectively grandson and great-grandson of the founder).

Tasting notes:
Nose: Quite reserved initially. Peppery, with faint floral hints. Some winey notes and a sappiness. Citrus and sweetpea.
Palate: As always, this has a quite generous texture, but the flavours are very much more restrained as compared to some of the other products in the Domenis stable. There is a light floral palate, with a woody character, but really it's all about the mouthfeel.
Finish: Medium-length. Elegant, floral.
Comment: A restrained, demure, feminine grappa.

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