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Distillerie de Savanna, Saint-Denis

Distillerie de Savanna, Saint-Denis

Year established: 1870

 Year closed:

 Owner: Groupe Quartier Français

 Web page:

 Mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Type of still: Copper column still. Manufactures both cane juice and traditionnal rum.

 Production capacity: 10.000.000 liters per year

 Location: Saint-André, Reunion


A subsidiary of Groupe Quartier Français, Distillerie de Savanna was founded around 1870. In 1992 it was relocated close to the Bois-Rouge sugar mill and power station (Compagnie Thermique de Bois-Rouge) in Saint-André. This efficient, state-of-the art facility has a 300 HPA daily production capacity. It was granted ISO 9001 quality certification in 2003. The best part of its production is marketed in bulk, but it has also developed its own brand: Savanna. It is one of the world’s only four distilleries producing “full flavour” (or high-bodied) rum.

Source: [8]



Rhum Bourbon Blanc 49%

Rhum de la Reunion Cap Savanna 7yo 43% vol

Rhum Vieus Traditionnel 7yo 43% vol

Rhum Vieux de la Reunion Cap Savanna 5yo 43% vol

Rhum Vieux Grand Arôme Single Cask

Savanna 10yr Port Finish Rum

Savanna 2002 Port Finish Rhum Agricole

Savanna 2004 Grand Arome Port Finish Rhum Agricole

Savanna 8 Ans Traditionel Rum

Savanna 8yr Muscatel Finish Rum

Savanna 8yr Port Cask Rum

Savanna Aged Rum

Savanna CAP 3yr Rum

Savanna Créol Rhum Agricole 45% vol

Savanna Creole Single Cask Rum

Savanna Creole White Rum

Savanna Intense 55 Rhum Traditionnel 55% vol

Savanna Lontan Rhum Traditionnel Grand Arôme 40% vol

Savanna Lontan 40% vol

Savanna Lontan Brut de Fut Rum

Savanna Lontan Vieux Rhum de Reunion Rum

Savanna Metis Rhum de Réunion

Vieux Rhum Bourbon


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