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E.C. Oxenham


E.C. Oxenham

 Year established: 1932

 Year closed:


 Web page:

 Mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Type of still:

 Production capacity:

 Location: Phoenix Mauritius


In 1932, first-generation Mauritius-born Edward Clark Oxenham founded E. C. Oxenham & Cy. Ltd. and started producing wine from imported raisins. The smallness of the market, the island’s plantation economy, and Edward Clark Oxenham’s untimely death in 1948 did not make things easy for the Company, which first survived, and then slowly began to prosper, by sheer dint of hard work and perseverance.


The key turning point for both Mauritius and the Company came in the 1960s,when the country’s economy began to diversify into export-oriented manufacturing industry, and the Oxenham family’s first full-fledged oenologist graduated from the university of Dijon in France. Today, the family counts no fewer than three oenologists, all from the university of Dijon.


The Oxenham family still owns and runs the company today. The company’s activities are the sector’s most extensive in Mauritius. They go well beyond wine production (from imported pure varietal grape-juice concentrates these days) to include the importation and distribution of an impressive range of leading brands of wines and spirits from across the world, and the elaboration and production of cane and other spirits for the Mauritian market since 1987, and now for export too.


1964 The Company starts producing wine from pure grape-juice concentrate of such noble varietals as Cabernet Sauvignon and Cinsault, imported from various parts of the world.

1982 The Company starts importing and distributing wine from South Africa, as Sole Importers and Distributors of Bellingham wines.

1985 The Company starts importing and distributing wine from France, as Sole Importers and Distributors of Antonin Rodet wines.

1987 The Company obtains its Distiller Bottler licence and starts producing brandy, rum and other spirits.

1988 The Company starts importing and distributing Scotch whisky, as Sole Importers and Distributors of Whyte & Mackay.

1989 The Company moves from its old and now rather cramped premises in Port Louis to its new headquarters along the Saint Jean - Phoenix motorway.

2000 The Company obtains its ISO 9002 certification.



Fregate Light Rum 40% vol

Fregate Rum Superior 40% vol

Fregate Dark Rhum 40%

Rhum Bougainville Citronnelle

Rhum Bougainville Light 40%

Rhum Bougainville Vanille

Rhum Bougainville Vieux Domaine 40%

Sirzil 40%


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