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Saint Aubin

Saint Aubin

 Year established: 1918

 Year closed:


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 Location: Saint Aubin Ltée, Rivière des Anguilles, Mauritius


Saint Aubin Plantation


Located at southern Mauritius, the fields of Saint Aubin have been under sugar cane cultivation since 1819. The estate takes its name from one of its first owners, Pierre de Saint Aubin. There is also a vanilla plantation and an artisanal rum distillery. It distinguishes itself as the one where Mauritius’ very first agricultural rum was created, wholly from pure sugar cane juice. Agricultural rum is obtained by direct distillation of sugarcane juice after fermentation. 1819 agricultural rum is the first agricultural rum in Mauritius. Available in 4 flavors: Vanilla, Coffee, Spices and Coco.


The sugar cane that goes into their making is manually harvested. It is immediately sent to the mill where it will be slowly and gently pressed to extract the juice. It is exclusively this precious first-crush juice, commonly called “fangourin” in Mauritius, which is used to make the rums. This juice will undergo fermentation to become the “wine”. It will then be distilled in a traditional copper alembic. Only the heart of distillation is retained to create the rums. For the lengthening, they use their own spring water, sourced from the tea plantation domain of Bois Chéri.


Renewed Traditional Distillery

With the view to expanding the production capacity for its agricultural rum, Saint Aubin has installed a new copper column based traditional distillery on its premises.



Alembic Pot Still Rums

Rum 1819 - White White Agricultural Rum 1819 - 50º

Rum 1819 - Vanilla 40º The Vanilla Rum comes from rum and the vanilla grown on the Plantation.

Rum 1819 - Coffee 40º

Rum 1819 - Spiced 40º

Rhum Collection "Old Grand Port Battle" - 40º Bottled specially to commemorate the bicentenary of the famous naval battle of Old Grand Port, this collector’s aged rum is part of a limited edition of 1819 units.

Ile Maurice Rhum Agricole St. Aubin Blanc Naturelle 50% vol.

Ile Maurice Rhum Agricole St. Aubin Vanille Naturelle 40% vol.

Rhum Agricole Epice 40°

Saint Aubin - Le Vanille

St Aubin Rhum Agricole Blanc

Vieux Rhum 5 ans 1819 40°


Copper column still Rums

Red Cane - Rhum Blanc Reserve White Rum 40% Copper column still

Red Cane - Rhum Vanilla Reserve Vanilla Rum 40% Copper column still

Red Cane - Ambré Reserve Gold Rum 40% Copper column still

Red Cane - Epicé Reserve Spiced Rum 40% Copper column still


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